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Primary e-mail is e-mail that was writen in the user detailes during registration of ICQ uin.
There's primary e-mail at all ICQ uin because during registration you have to put e-mail.

I have put another e-mail into uin but password still comes to primary. Why?
The password always will come to primary e-mail. Even you will put another e-mail after primary, the password will also come to those address, but as soon as you will send the password to primary, then the password wont ever come again on the e-mails that were writen after primary e-mail.

Why it's so important?
Primary e-mail is very important in case when your uin is stolen, if you have access to the primary e-mail you will be able to send password to it thus get your uin back.
If some one else will have access to yor primary e-mail, you will lose your uin.
Always check your primary e-mail and do not tell it to any one!

How can I change or delete primary e-mail?
It's imposible, password always will come to primary e-mail.

How can I know primary?
You can always check primary e-mail to your uin using our online 6 digit primary e-mail base (will come soon).
Also you can be like 40% sure that e-mail at uin will be primary.

I have primary from 5 digit uin, but password did not come. Why?
5 digit uins does not have primary e-mail and you can't retrive password from 5 digits.

How can I check if my e-mail is primary?
You can be 70% sure that e-mail from our online base will be primary to uin you search for (online base will come soon).
But you also can check it on IRC channel #icqhackers server
You have to write !check uin mail , when uin - ICQ number, mail - e-mail you want to check.
Example: !check 666666 [email protected]

I hope that I have help some one to understand better what primary e-mail is and how it's important for all ICQ users in our small ICQ life.

Best regards, Kobiak. AOLHACKERS.RU 2004 design by Gn0m =:]o<