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Hey you guys,
I guess you remember the web panels that payhash have done for If you don't then have a look at couple things: blackpages and sendmsg. So you remember now? Just 10 mins ago payhash knock to my icq and gave me the links that apper like 2-3 weeks after he posted his webpanels, those links are on Have a look at them guys: searchpanel and webpanel.
So here comes question - did AOL steal our ideas? We know that there'r admins that check out everyday... but are that they stipud and naive? Do they think that we won't notice it? The thing is just is... why dont show that someone else (not from icq developers team) discovered something really useful for users?

I'm disappointed in ICQ inc. and payhash as well. - payhash and kobiak. AOLHACKERS.RU 2004 design by Gn0m =:]o<