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* FLAP Channel: 0

This is the FLAP header itself. This is not an individual packet, but a complete description of the fields in the FLAP header of every packet sent by both the server and the client.

Parameters Data type Content Name Description BYTE 2a ID This identifies this data as a FLAP. BYTE xx CHANNEL The channel to which this packet belongs:
 1 - Login
 2 - SNACs
 3 - Errors
 4 - Disconnect
 5 - Ping WORD xx xx SEQUENCE The FLAP sequence number. It is chosen at random before every connection and increased with every packet. This number is positive; wrap to zero when it becomes negative. WORD xx xx LENGTH This is the length of the following data, the actual content of the FLAP. DATA ... DATA The actual content of the FLAP. It's data type depends on the value of the CHANNEL field. Examples 2A 01 23 31 00 04 Flap: Channel 1, Sequence 9009, Length 4

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